Cisco IP Telephony

IP phones utilize internet connections, providing a cheaper, simpler and more flexible way of communication. Since there is no actual telephone line, the telephone can be moved freely, and costs of a call are reduced as well. Many companies decide to use IP telephony nowadays, as it reduces costs and improves productivity. Are you looking for Cisco IP telephony equipment? We have IP phones from Cisco, and there are various models to choose from, such as conference phones, unified IP phones, UC phones, expansions, and so on. Our phones are available in either refurbished or new condition. Refurbishing the equipment ensures that the product meets quality standards, even if it has been used before. You can see our selection and prices here, and buy your new IP phone in just a few minutes. If you have any questions regarding our IP phones, or have any other requests, do not hesitate to contact us! Our sales team is available to help you both online and via phone.
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