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Hard Drives (HDD)
SKU: 0006181E
Dell 6.4GB IDE 3.5" Non Hot Plug

General Product Description

The Dell 0006181E is a fine addition to your storage network. Access and store your data reliably and quickly – there is no need to make a compromise between safety and speed. This Dell hard drive has a rotational speed of 5400 rpm, ensuring that requests are handled immediately. At Epoka we usually have many refurbished Dell 0006181E hard drives ready for shipment. We offer affordable prices, warranty for one year and thoroughly tested products. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Dell 0006181E, or if you would like assistance.

Description of conditions
F/S - Product is unused and factory sealed in original manufacturer retail packaging.
NOB - Product is unused, but original manufacturer packaging seal is broken or cut.
NEW - Product is unused with or without original manufacturer packaging, such as bulk, pulls, or spares.
REF - Product that has been cleaned and refurbished by Epoka.
OEMREF - Product is refurbished and recertified by the original manufacturer.

Hard drives have an important role in the life of enterprises. A hard disk drive is an important part of a storage system, responsible for answering requests, providing access to data, and storage. It is essential that the hard disk drives used by companies are reliable, durable, perform well and fast, have great data integrity and can handle the higher workload of an enterprise. Especially in cases where critical data is stored, for example in the case of a database, it is vital that the drives are able to manage large amounts of data reliably – as in with a minuscule chance of outage or critical failure. Another meaningful factor related to reliability is the data integrity. Even a minimal corruption of data can have dire consequences, for example critical loss of data. HDDs meant for enterprise use, should also be able to manage a high amount of work – while hard disk drives meant for desktops are normally used within work hours, so 8 hours a day and 5 days per week, the HDDs in storage networks work 24/7. This is why the performance of the drive (such as the rotational speed) is a good idea to consider when choosing your next hard drive.

If you choose the Dell 0006181E you can enjoy high performance and secure management of data for a great price. This Dell HDD is a fine and reliable addition to any storage network. The Dell 0006181E’s brisk performance ensures that your data is available quickly. This specific hard drive has a rotational speed of 5400 rpm, meaning that it is able to handle the higher requests of an enterprise. Moreover, the Dell 0006181E has 6.4 GB storage capacity, providing plenty of space to store information and various types of files, for example videos, pictures or databases. The 0006181E has excellent data integrity, protecting you from corruption or critical loss of data. With the installment of one or more 0006181E hard drive you can be certain that your storage network system is prepared to support your business operations, and will fulfill all requests in a timely manner. For more details about this product please see the technical specifications.

At Epoka we focus on offering end-of-life products, such as servers, storage solutions and networking hardware to our customers. We offer both refurbished and new products, however the Dell 0006181E might not be available in all conditions. Our excellent refurbishment process and experienced technicians ensure that all of our refurbished products are high in quality, thoroughly tested, and ready for use. All of our hard disk drives come with one year of warranty regardless of condition, and orders over €300 also qualify for free shipment. For products in stock we guarantee fast shipping via our trusted worldwide partners. If the Dell 0006181E is not in stock at the moment, please contact us for more information about delivery times and availability. If you have any inquiries regarding the Dell 0006181E or would like assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Product Specific Specs Dell 6.4GB IDE 3.5" Non Hot Plug
Drive Interface IDE
Drive Type Internal
Drive Width 3.5"
Hot Swappable Yes
Rotational Speed 5400 rpm
Storage Capacity 6.4 GB

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