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Diverse - 4X70G88316

SKU: 4X70G88316
ThinkServer 8GB 2RX8 PC4-2133-

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A memory module is a crucial part of a computer or server. The memory module is responsible for how fast applications run, and how good the computer or server is at managing multiple or bigger applications. The data is stored in a hard disk drive, but it is slow to fetch data directly from the hard drive, so the processor loads the data that is required for running the application onto the RAM. The RAM (short for Random Access Memory) therefore provides easier and faster access to data, and is responsible for running all applications and processes. The more capacity a memory module has, the more data can be loaded at the same time, making it possible to run multiple or hungry programs. The speed of the memory determines how quickly it can access data, and thus how fast the applications are going to run. It is also important to know which form factor your server or computer requires, as there are considerable differences between these. The form factors vary in size and purpose, for example SODIMMs are used in laptops, while servers use a variety of different form factors like RDIMM, ECC UDIMM, LRDIMM, ECC SODIMM and so on.

This Diverse 4X70G88316 is a good choice if you wish to upgrade your system. This product not only delivers an excellent performance, but it is also a cost-effective option. The Diverse 4X70G88316 has considerable storage capacity, providing plenty of space for short term memory access. With the 4X70G88316 installed, your system can easily manage applications that use a lots of data. There shouldn't be a problem with multitasking and using many applications at the same time either. This memory module also offers a notable speed, ensuring that your system will run smoothly, as data is accessed immediately. Please be advised that this product might not be compatible with your setup, so we recommend that you check the compatibility before ordering. If you are unsure which form factor/type of memory your system needs, feel free to contact us for assistance. If you would like to know more technical details, please check the technical specifications.

At Epoka we focus on offering end-of-life products, such as networking hardware, servers and storage solutions to our clients. We offer both new and refurbished products, however the Diverse 4X70G88316 might not be available in all conditions. Our excellent refurbishment program and experienced technicians guarantee that all of our refurbished products are high in quality, thoroughly tested, and ready for use. All of our memory modules come with a year of warranty regardless of condition, and orders over 300 EUR also qualify for free shipment. For products in stock we promise fast delivery via our trusted worldwide partners. If the Diverse 4X70G88316 is not in stock at the moment, please contact us for more information about delivery times and availability. If you have any questions regarding the Diverse 4X70G88316 or would like assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.
Product Specific Specs ThinkServer 8GB 2RX8 PC4-2133-E CL15 DDR4-2133 ECC-UDIMM
When you need a server or computer that runs applications quicker, and manages multitasking or bigger applications better, you might need to upgrade your memory. The Diverse 4X70G88316 comes with great storage capacity, which makes it simple to work with multiple applications. Moreover, the Diverse memory has outstanding speed, so data is retrieved immediately. At Epoka we usually have many refurbished Diverse 4X70G88316 memory modules ready for shipment. We offer decent prices, one-year warranty and thoroughly tested products. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Diverse 4X70G88316, or if you require assistance.
Description of conditions F/S - Product is unused and factory sealed in original manufacturer retail packaging. NOB - Product is unused, but original manufacturer packaging seal is broken or cut. NEW - Product is unused with or without original manufacturer packaging, such as bulk, pulls, or spares. REF - Product that has been cleaned and refurbished by Epoka. OEMREF - Product is refurbished and recertified by the original manufacturer.

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