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General Product Description

EMC 005045120 gives you a extensive of gigabit connectivity choices for data center, enterprise wiring closet, and service provider transport applications. This module provides you the flexibility of interface choice.

Description of conditions
F/S - Product is unused and factory sealed in original manufacturer retail packaging.
NOB - Product is unused, but original manufacturer packaging seal is broken or cut.
NEW - Product is unused with or without original manufacturer packaging, such as bulk, pulls, or spares.
REF - Product that has been cleaned and refurbished by Epoka.
OEMREF - Product is refurbished and recertified by the original manufacturer.

Addressing the performance, capacity and density demands of various applications can be a tricky process. Storage administrators must constantly think forward to verify that their architecture is properly accessible and contains the correct volume of hard disk drive storage needed. A well-optimized storage system is necessary to handle growing capacity and performance requirements of business applications.
EMC’s selection of disk array enclosures offers a high degree of flexibility. It allows you to optimize for capacity, performance, density, or versatility. Several types of disk array enclosures can be added to a single storage system to meet different requirements without the necessity to organize new storage systems.
All EMC storage system solutions sold by Epoka A/S go through a refurbishment process and include a 1-year warranty. We are always available to help you and provide all the vital info you might need to make a decision.
Brand: EMC

Product Specific Specs Front door - Black, including side brackets and screws

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