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EMC - 005045508

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SKU: 005045508
320W. Enhanced Autoranging Power Supply for Clarii ...  on FC DAE    Show more

General Product Description

If your organization is wanting to bring down energy cost and space with enhanced performance, then this is something EMC can offer.
This EMC power supply features an output power intensity of 320W, which lets you to power your PC with sufficient energy to make it functioning well.

Description of conditions
F/S - Product is unused and factory sealed in original manufacturer retail packaging.
NOB - Product is unused, but original manufacturer packaging seal is broken or cut.
NEW - Product is unused with or without original manufacturer packaging, such as bulk, pulls, or spares.
REF - Product that has been cleaned and refurbished by Epoka.
OEMREF - Product is refurbished and recertified by the original manufacturer.

This EMC power supply increases the durability of your equipment and reduces the electrical expenses of your enterprise. This power supply offers a great level of power efficiency, which helps employers reduce power requirements for every server. This will result in a reduced all-around power requirement for your data center.
At Epoka A/S all of the refurbished power supplies are tested by our engineers. Furthermore, warranty against defects is included for a period of 1 year. We are always ready to help you and provide all the necessary data you might need to make a decision.
Product Specific Specs 320W. Enhanced Autoranging Power Supply for Clariion FC DAE
Output Power 320W
Product Model FC
Power Supply Type PWS (Standard Power Supply)

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