HP Data Mover

Data movers are responsible for moving data to and from devices, for example between storage system and backup system, or between storage systems and network clients. We have a variety of HP data movers, for example data mover control stations, data movers with SCSI ports, Ethernet hubs, fibre channel ports/hosts, and so on. You can find HP data movers in our selection. We offer both refurbished and new EOL data movers. As we specialize in the refurbishment of used equipment, we can provide our customers with high quality products for a reduced price – so when you buy a refurbished data mover from us, you do not have to choose between high quality and a budget-friendly price. You can see our selection and the availability and prices of our data movers online. If you did not find the product you would like to buy, or have any questions regarding the ones we have, do not hesitate to contact us! Our sales team is ready to assist with your request.
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