HP Supervisor

Depending on the type of switch/router you have, a HP supervisor might be necessary for the equipment to work. If you need a supervisor, we have a selection of refurbished HP supervisors, including older and EOL modules, for example a selection of supervisors for Catalyst switches, and more. As you might noticed, we mainly have refurbished HP supervisors. We believe that used equipment deserves a new chance. In our experience, old equipment works just fine long after its retirement date, so there is no reason to switch systems unless you truly need an upgrade. Our technicians carefully test and inspect every piece of used equipment, so our stock is guaranteed to meet high quality standards. Browse our selection online, and check out the product’s page for specifications, information about availability and price. You can buy the part through our website whenever it is convenient for you. If you have any questions, special requests, or need help, feel free to contact our sales team!
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