Lenovo Racks

Racks can not only house equipment, making it easy to connect and organize them, but in some cases take over vital functions as well, for example cooling. Depending on your needs, you might buy a smaller 16 unit rack, or a 48 unit rack, capable of housing a lot of equipment. Check our selection online, and get your new rack delivered in just a few business days! Epoka offers various Lenovo racks, for example modular storage cabinets, rack models, or rack cabinets in various sizes. Our Lenovo racks are mainly available in refurbished condition, and some are available in new condition as well. Check the product description for more details about the product, and information about availability and price. We have 26 years of experience in refurbishing used and EOL equipment, allowing our customers to extend the life of their setup indefinitely. If you have questions about our racks, have any special requests, or need help with anything, contact our sales team! We are ready to assist you online or via telephone.
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