NetApp Backplane - Midplane

Epoka carries a great selection of NetApp backplanes/midplanes. NetApp Backplanes/midplanes connect boards together, and distribute power and data between the connected parts. We have several kinds of NetApp backplanes or midplanes for sale, compatible with various systems and brands, for example SCSI backplanes, disc backplanes, power distribution boards, midplane board assemblies, logic centerplanes, and so on. We have backplanes and midplanes from NetApp, and many more. Browse our selection online to see prices, availability, and specifications of our products. You can place your order online as well. If you need help, have questions, or have a special request, do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives. We are ready to help! You might notice that most of our NetApp backplanes/midplanes are refurbished. When we buy used products, they must go through our refurbishment program so we can guarantee that they are up to standards. There is no need to compromise - enjoy the quality and performance of a brand new NetApp backplane/midplane for a greatly reduced price!
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