NetApp Service Processors

NetApp Service processors can be mounted on server boards, making it possible to remotely control and monitor the system. We have a small variety of service processors, for example service processor cards, system service processors, service processor assemblies, and more. We stock service processors made by NetApp. You can see our selection below. Our NetApp service processors are mainly refurbished – meaning that these processors are used, but undergone testing and inspection in our warehouse. When you buy from Epoka, you can be sure that your new refurbished service processor is up to standards, and will work just as well as a new one would! Use our online store to buy service processors, check prices and availability, and read more about our products or us. You are welcome to contact our sales team if you have questions, special requests of any kind, or need help with something. We are always ready to assist you, and find a fitting solution for your requirements!
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