At Epoka we not only distribute products, but we offer configuration services as well to our customers. It doesn’t matter if you need a custom built solution or a simple configuration, our technicians are ready to customize your order. By letting us handle the configuration, you not only spare time and effort, but you can also be sure that the parts are working well together, and they are ready for deployment. We not only test the parts separately, but we also test them together after configuration, so it is guaranteed that your order works as intended. We take care of both simple and complex configurations – your satisfaction is important to us, so we are happy to accommodate your requests.

Experts in configuration

Our technicians are experts in configuration. With their extensive knowledge they are ready to configure servers, networking and storage solutions according to your wishes. Just like our refurbished products, configured solutions are assembled with care, go through inspections and vigorous testing before deemed ready for shipping, and receive custom packaging so they are protected on the way to your location. Especially in the case of servers and storage solutions, it is a great opportunity to get exactly what you need. Moreover, our testing ensures that by the time you receive the equipment, everything is sorted out and ready to work. If you would like us to configure your order, all you need to do is send us a quote or talk to your contact person at Epoka, and our team will take care of the rest.

Flexible solutions

Our engineers are ready to configure your order, no matter how big or small your request is. We can do small adjustments such as configuring the product so it has the same firmware on it as your setup, or we can switch the host bus adapter, and so on. We also handle bigger requests regularly, for example building a disk drawer for an existing setup. More complex solutions are also possible, such as assembling and configuring your order here, so instead of receiving the parts separately, the equipment arrives to your door ready for deployment. These are just a few examples of what we can do for you. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, and deliver a fitting solution to your problem.

Custom made storage solutions

We are also able to deliver a fully customized solution, for example setting up a storage solution that fits your exact requirements. We take care of all assembly and configuration, and in the end you get a system that is ready for deployment. As usual we test the parts separately and as part of the setup, and we can also attach test reports if you would like to receive them. 


Case study

Cisco UCS configuration

Received an order for two Cisco C240 M3 servers.

  • Customer was expanding their current setup, and wanted the servers to mirror the existing equipment.
  • Customer’s setup included powerful NVIDIA K1 GPU cards, and special Emulex cards.
  • We have used our supplier network to find the special parts.
  • As usual, we assembled the servers here at Epoka.
  • As the graphics and Emulex cards required special attention upon installment, two of our technicians have worked on this configuration case to ensure that everything is installed correctly.
  • The equipment was thoroughly tested, and test reports were attached.
  • The servers arrived ready for deployment, perfectly matching the current setup.
  • Customer was very satisfied, as equipment works exactly as intended.