Testing process

As part of our refurbishment service, all of our products undergo a thorough testing process. We test each incoming product before it goes to stock, so we can maintain high quality standards. Although our products are not always new, you can be sure that they work like new, giving you the freedom to continue using your older systems even if they are not supported by the manufacturer anymore.

Testing environment

Each product team has their own testing area, where they have built the necessary setups and environment for testing all kinds of products. As we specialize in networking and storage solutions, we have the means to test each part of a system separately, and also as part of a setup. Our technicians have many years of experience in diagnosing and testing equipment, and test each product after it arrives.

Thorough testing process

Each product goes through a thorough testing process after arriving. We use a variety of diagnostics tools, for example we use the brand’s official diagnostics tool, or if it is a possibility then the built in test system. A way of testing that we use often for servers and storage systems is building a RAID set, and then disassembling it. This can take up to a day depending on the products. If the test uncovers errors or other anomalies, then the technician investigates the problem or problems and acts accordingly, depending on the nature of the problem. Broken parts are either replaced, repaired or rejected depending on what is the problem, and if it is fixable or not. After the system is fixed, it is tested again. Only when a product passes all tests is it ready to go to storage. If it is a complex product, such as a storage system, we disassemble it and store the parts separately.

Special procedure for hard disk drives

As part of the testing process, we also make sure that used hard disk drives are completely erased. During our tests every hard disk is formatted, erased and written over in an effort to ensure that it is in good working order. This step also guarantees that even if there was some data left on the disk accidentally, it is completely gone by the time the disk goes to storage. Moreover, systems are disassembled and the parts are stored separately, which further guarantees that there is no leftover data on hard disk drives.

Test of configured products

Configured products go through an extra round of testing after the configuration is finished. This extra test is used to see that the product was configured correctly, and if the order needed assembly (for example a system was built up according to specifications), then it also shows us that the parts are all working well together in the freshly made system. The product is only sent when it passes the diagnostics test.

Our guarantee

Refurbishing is one of our core competencies, and it cannot be done without testing. Testing is not only a guarantee for you – it is also important for us to know that we provide you with only the highest quality products. For most products we offer a warranty period of one year, with the exception of tapes and batteries. We offer three months of warranty for tapes and batteries.