Why buy refurbished?

The IT product life cycle that manufacturers set is often shorter than the actual life span of the product. End of life products are usually still fine, and the only reason they are end of life is that there are newer generations out in the market. Manufacturers would rather focus on the newer, more advanced systems, and so they stop support for the older ones. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to use the newest systems. Not all businesses need new systems every 5 years. Many companies decide to continue using their old systems, and use the cost of investment for other purposes. This is a logical step for many, since as long as the setup is doing its job well, there is no reason for a costly investment into re-building and installing a new setup. There is only one problem with using an older setup: spare parts are not produced anymore, so the only option is buying used or refurbished parts.

What is a refurbished product?

The difference between a used part and a refurbished part is that the refurbished part is tested and if necessary, repaired. The refurbishment process brings products up to the same standards that new counterparts had. They usually have to pass several diagnostics tests before they qualify as refurbished. Buying a refurbished product has many benefits:

  • Cost effective
  • Works just as good as new
  • Extends the life of old systems
  • Freedom from defined IT life cycle

Cost effective

Refurbished products are cheaper than new parts, while being the same quality. If you want to continue using your old system, buying refurbished parts is not only cost-effective, but it also reduces quality issues, further lengthening the life of the equipment. By using refurbished products, you can avoid an expensive and unnecessary investment into new systems.

Just as good as new

Refurbished products are tested and cleaned before they are sold. They must pass various diagnostics tests, and some of them are even certified by the original manufacturer. The refurbishment process filters out non-functional or broken equipment, minimizing the chances of receiving a bad product. When you buy a refurbished product, you can be sure that it is going to work.

Extends the life of old systems

If your old system is still working well, and fulfills its purpose perfectly, then there is no reason to switch. By buying refurbished products, you can extend the life of your system, and continue using it for many years. The quality control and rigorous testing guarantees that the equipment is ready to work without any issues. Having an old system does not have to mean constant worry over broken parts, and costly repairs.

Free from defined IT product life cycle

If you decide to buy refurbished products, you become independent from the manufacturers and the pre-defined IT product life cycle. End-of-life systems are not necessarily broken or obsolete – so it makes no sense to stop using an otherwise well-functioning system just because its age. By choosing to buy refurbished parts instead of a new system, you can wait until you truly have a need for a newer system or upgrade.